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Dogfish Head Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda 4 pack 12 oz. Can
SKU: 04294

Dogfish Head Blueberry Shrub Vodka Soda

4 pack 12 oz. Can


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Category Hard Soda
Origin United States, Delaware
Brand Dogfish Head
Alcohol/vol 7%
Wait, isn't a shrub what you decorate your front door with? Yes, BUT it is also an old-timey drink made from dark fruits macerated in sugar and vinegar. This sweet, yet acidic syrup was traditionally mixed with water or soda water for a flavorful refresher. This here cocktail was inspired by the bartenders at our James Beard Award-nominated bar program at Chesapeake & Maine. This scratch-made cocktail begins with our vodka distilled with blueberries. It is then macerated with lightly sweetened balsamic and red wine vinegar to create a blueberry shrub vodka which we then blend with soda water. The ensuing deep, burgundy-colored libation is juicy and subtly sweet from the blueberries, with a slightly sour and complex fruity character from the vinegar. So ditch the fancy glassware, mixing equipment and enjoy cold, straight from the can!! Juicy with a subtle sweetness from the blueberries, and a slight sour complexity from the fruit and vinegar. Light-bodied with sweet blueberry notes and a touch of tartness.

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