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The Singleton Single Malt 12 Year Old Scotch Whiskey of Glendullan 12 year old 750ml Glass Bottle
SKU: 01325

The Singleton Single Malt 12 Year Old Scotch Whiskey of Glendullan 12 year old

  • we85-89

750ml Glass Bottle

Category Single Malt Scotch
Region United Kingdom, Scotland, Speyside
Brand The Singleton
Alcohol/vol 40%
Clean and complex; a rich fruitiness (juicy red fruits and raisins, with citrus and boiled fruit sweets underpinning all) that suggests an older malt. Some soft fragrant notes too; scented leather, subtle sandalwood and vanilla. Adding water opens up the classic Speyside fruit-sweet aromas. Fresh, light and clean. Simply smooth, easy to drink and very pleasing. Smooth, sweet, richly fruity and rounded; just the right balance of complexity with plenty of rich, sweet flavour and a clean finish. Fresh and easy to drink; spicy, then soft and pleasantly sweet throughout, with no rough edges. Fruity, with citrus and raisins. Vanilla and a hint of honey, with just a subtle trace of wood; a maple-syrup sweetness. Nutty too. A good spread of flavours. Reduced, still sweet, now attractively balanced.
Wine Enthusiast
  • we85-89

The nosing passes find aromas of sugar cookies, orange zest, baked pineapple, dry breakfast cereal and citrus-flavored hard candy. Entry is malty sweet, woody and toffee-like; at midpalate the flavors include walnut butter, nougat and honey. Finishes as pleasant and sweet as it began.

August 1, 2008