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Familia Zuccardi Concreto Malbec 750ml
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Familia Zuccardi Concreto Malbec

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Big, brooding, black fruit with a slight hint of cherry, earthy truffles and dark cocoa are at the front. The Sea of Stones vineyard is at its core, always evident with the thread of minerality that the deep alluvial cobblestones lend. This wine is elegant in the mouth with fresh-picked blackberries, simmering chocolate sauce on the stove, and somewhere someone's cooking bacon…so many layers, so little time. Drinking a bottle of this wine will certainly lead to, well, opening another. Pair this medium bodied wine with medium bodied dishes, highlight rich earthy and fruit flavors with beets, truffles, and dark berries, or enjoy with traditional Argentinian BBQ.

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