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Polmos Warszawa Spirytus Rektyfikowany 750ml
SKU: 29650

Polmos Warszawa Spirytus Rektyfikowany


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Category Vodka
Origin Poland
Brand Polmos Warszawa
Alcohol/vol 96%
Proof 192.00
Spirytus Rektyfikowany can be produced from grain or potatoes but the most popular Spirytus Rektyfikowany is made from grain. The high quality rye grows in northwestern part of Poland, a region with loamy soil and milder climate. Only the winter varietes, sown in the autumn and harvested in the next summer, are used, because of their very high starch content. The grain is selected at the regional alcohol distelleries were the first stage of distillation takes place, yielding so-called raw spirit. Only healthy ripe grain passes the three stages of selecton - in the field, on entering the distillery and then in the distillery laboratory. The next stages of distilling take place in the beverage distillery where the raw spirit is subjected to the most technologically advanced purification process as a result of which its taste and flavour are significantly enhanced. Here, distillation follows the traditional method, the distiller's secret, to produce alcohol with the right chemical and organoleptic parameters. Then it is diluted with pure soft water to the required strength and again filtered before bottling.

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