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Grandpa Cha Cha's Home Style Wine 750ml
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Grandpa Cha Cha's Home Style Wine


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Category Red Wine
Origin Italy, Puglia
Brand Grandpa Cha Cha's
Grandpa Cha Cha's Home Style Wine is soft to the palate and enjoys an elegant balance of the softness of a red Zinfandel, blended with the fruitiness and tannins of a full-bodied Merlot. The wine is made with a combination of Primitivo granpes and Negromaro grapes, both from the Puglia region of Southern Italy. The Promitivo grape, from Italy, is the sister grape to the California red zinfandel. The combined taste of these grapes is the closest thing to the "old country" Elegante grapes, which are extremely hard to find these days and were used when Grandpa Ciarcia first started making his homemade wine.

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