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We are the KEG KING of New Jersey!

Up to 100 kegs in stock at any given time!

In case you did not know:

A half (½) Keg is 15.5 gallons equating to roughly
160 12oz servings.

A quarter (¼) Keg is 7.75 gallons equating to roughly
80 12oz servings.

Fully Refundable Deposits are as follows:
$30.00 for all Kegs
$70.00 for a Domestic tap
$70.00 for an Import tap
$10.00 for Keg Tub
We offer plastic beer cups in 20 & 50 packs as well as many other party & bar accessories!


½ (Half) Keg

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple & Rose **currently NOT available**169.99
Bud Light88.99
Bud Regular88.99
Brooklyn Lager or Summer (Seasonal)184.99
Blue Moon154.99
Coor’s Light 88.99
Flying Fish169.99 (Hazy IPA or Seasonal)
Keystone Light**currently NOT available**69.99
Magic Hat #9**currently NOT available**179.99
Miller Gen-Draft or Lite88.99
Miller High-Life**currently NOT available**74.99
Michelob Ultra89.99
Narragansett Lager**currently NOT available**89.99
Natural Light79.99
Land Shark Lager84.99
Pabst Blue-Ribbon**currently NOT available**74.99
Rolling Rock Regular74.99 SALE
Sam Adam’s Lager/Seasonal174.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale**currently NOT available**169.99
Shock-Top All Types134.99
Yuengling Lager **currently NOT available**94.99
Wood Chuck Cider**currently NOT available**159.99

¼ (Quarter) Keg

Bud Regular or Light57.99
Coor’s Light **currently NOT available**57.99
Miller Lite **currently NOT available**57.99
Yuengling Lager **currently NOT available**59.99

1/6 (Sixtels) Kegs

Allagash White84.99
Angry Orchard Apple**currently NOT available**69.99
Blue Moon (All types)**currently NOT available**84.99
Brooklyn Lager, Brown Ale or IPA79.99
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA94.99
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA109.99
Flying Fish Pale Ale67.99
Harpoon UFO or Seasonal69.99
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon or Rip Tide72.99

Killian’s Irish Red

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                          Kona Big Wave Golden Ale                       



Land Shark Lager


Magic Hat #9+Circus Boy79.99
Michelob Ultra49.99

Shock Top (All Types)

Sloop Juice Bomb



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale69.99
Victory Headwater Ale, Hop Devil or Prima Pils74.99
Victory Dirtwolf or Golden Monkey89.99
Wood Chuck Cider74.99


½ (Half) Keg

Amstel Light139.99
Bass Ale**154.99
Beck’s Regular **back in stock!**144.99
Corona Light**currently NOT available**154.99
Czechvar IS BACK IN STOCK!!!89.99 SALE
Dos Equis (Amber or Special Lager)114.99
Franziskaner Weiss**currently NOT available**164.99
Guinness Stout**169.99
Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest is back!144.99 
Harp Lager**129.99
Heineken (Regular or Light)139.99
Hoegaarden** 50-Ltr134.99
LaBatt’s Blue**84.99
Modelo Especial **currently NOT available**154.99
Murphy’s Red** 30-Ltr89.99
Murphy’s Stout** 30-Ltr89.99
NewCastle Brown Ale**129.99
Negra Modelo**currently NOT available**154.99
Paulaner** (Heffe-Weizen, Munich or Oktoberfest)144.99
Peroni** (Italy)164.99
SmithWick’s Ale** 50-Ltr144.99
Spaten** (Lager or Ocktoberfest)154.99
Stella Artois174.99
Strongbow Gold Cider **149.99
Warsteiner Pilsner **currently NOT available**154.99

¼ (Quarter) Keg

Corona Light**currently NOT available**88.99
Leffe** (Belgium)114.99
Moretti** (Italy) 99.99
Modelo Especial**currently NOT available**88.99
Pacifico (Mexico)**currrently NOT available**88.99
Palm** 20-Liter (Belgium)**currently NOT available**84.99
Pilsner Urquel** (Czech)**currently NOT available**98.99
Peroni** (Italy)**currently NOT available**94.99

1/6 (Sixtels) Kegs

Dos Equis**59.99
Sapporo** (Japan)**currently NOT available**64.99
Stella Artois79.99


½ (Half) Keg

Briar’s BIRCH BEER (Non-Alcoholic)54.99

**Please call to confirm availability of these items.

You can contact us via the prompt below or by calling us at (732) 442-9536 during normal business hours if you have an inquiry about the availability of a beer you are interested in ordering. All special orders for weekends must be received no later than 4:00pm on the Thursday. THANK YOU!!!

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