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Garden State Discount Liquors
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We are the KEG KING of New Jersey!

Up to 100 kegs in stock at any given time!

In case you did not know:

A half (½) Keg is 15.5 gallons equating to roughly
160 12oz servings.

A quarter (¼) Keg is 7.75 gallons equating to roughly
80 12oz servings.

Fully Refundable Deposits are as follows:
$30.00 for all Kegs
$70.00 for a Domestic tap
$70.00 for an Import tap
$20.00 for Keg Tub
We offer plastic beer cups in 20 & 50 packs as well as many other party & bar accessories!


½ (Half) Keg

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple & Rose **currently NOT available**169.99

Bud Light BACK IN STOCK!!! 

Bud Regular BACK IN STOCK!!! 84.99 
Brooklyn Lager **SPECIAL ORDER**199.99
Blue Moon BACK IN STOCK!!!169.99
Coor’s Light BACK IN STOCK!!!88.99

Dogfish 60 Minute IPA **SPECIAL ORDER**

Keystone Light**currently NOT available**69.99
Magic Hat #9**currently NOT available**179.99
Miller Lite BACK IN STOCK!!!88.99
Miller High-Life BACK IN STOCK!!!74.99

Michelob Ultra BACK IN STOCK!!! 

Narragansett Lager BACK IN STOCK!!!94.99
Natural Light **SPECIAL ORDER**79.99

Leinekugal SUMMER SHANDY ** currently not available **

Pabst Blue-Ribbon BACK IN STOCK!!!74.99
Rolling Rock Regular BACK IN STOCK!!!94.99
Sam Adam’s COLD SNAPBACK IN STOCK!!!189.99
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or HAZY IPA 194.99
Shock-Top All Types **SPECIAL ORDER**134.99
Yuengling Lager BACK IN STOCK!!!99.99
Wood Chuck Cider**currently NOT available**159.99

¼ (Quarter) Keg

Bud LIGHT AVAILABLE (NO Bud Regular 1/4 KEGS)59.99
Coor’s Light BACK IN STOCK!!!64.99
Miller Lite BACK IN STOCK!!!64.99

Yuengling Lager BACK IN STOCK!!!


1/6 (Sixtels) Kegs

Allagash White BACK IN STOCK!!!94.99

Angry Orchard Apple BACK IN STOCK!!!

Blue Moon Belgium White BACK IN STOCK!!!89.99
Bud Regular BACK IN STOCK!!!52.99
Dogfish 60 Minute IPA **SPECIAL ORDER**99.99
Dogfish 90 Minute IPA **SPECIAL ORDER**109.99
Fat Tire Amber Ale (New Belgium) **SPECIAL ORDER**89.99
Harpoon UFO or Seasonal **SPECIAL ORDER**69.99
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon or Rip Tide **SPECIAL ORDER**77.99

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale BACK IN STOCK!!!             


Leinekugal SUMMER SHANDY **currently NOT available**                                                                                                                                



Land Shark Lager BACK IN STOCK!!!


Magic Hat #9 **SPECIAL ORDER**79.99
Michelob Ultra BACK IN STOCK!!!54.99
Sam Adam's COLD SNAP BACK IN STOCK!!!77.99

Shock Top Belgium White BACK IN STOCK!!!


Sloop Juice Bomb BACK IN STOCK!!!



Sierra Nevada Pale Ale & Hazy IPA are BACK IN STOCK!!!79.99
Truly Wild Berry BACK IN STOCK!!!79.99
Victory Golden Monkey  **SPECIAL ORDER**99.99



½ (Half) Keg

Amstel Light**currently NOT available**159.99
Bass Ale**154.99
Beck’s Regular**currently NOT available**144.99
Corona Premier (Ultra Light) BACK IN STOCK!!!159.99
Czechvar BACK IN STOCK!!!107.99 
Dos Equis (Amber or Special Lager) **currently NOT available**114.99
Franziskaner Weiss **189.99
Guinness Stout** Available by Special Order189.99
Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest **169.99 
Harp Lager**Available by Special Order149.99
Heineken Regular BACK IN STOCK!!!159.99
Hofbrau Hefeweizen or Original **Octoberfest NOT available** 50-Ltr209.99
Paulaner Hefeweizen or Munich **Octoberfest NOT available** 50-Ltr169.99
Modelo Especial & Negra Modelo BACK IN STOCK!169.99
Murphy’s Red** 30-Ltr ** currently NOT available 89.99
Murphy’s Stout** 30-Ltr ** currently NOT available 89.99
NewCastle Brown Ale** currently NOT available129.99
Paulaner** Heffe-Weizen or Munich **Oktoberfest currently NOT available**                                                            169.99
Peroni ** (Italy)174.99
Schofferhofer Grapefruit 50-Ltr **174.99
SmithWick’s Ale** 50-Ltr **159.99
Spaten** (Lager or Ocktoberfest)184.99
Stella Artois BACK IN STOCK!!! 144.99
Strongbow Gold Cider **149.99
Weishenstephan Octoberfest **189.99

¼ (Quarter) Keg

Corona Premier (Ultra Light)  BACK IN STOCK!!!

Newcastle Brown Ale **Currently NOT available**104.99
Moretti** (Italy) 99.99
Modelo Especial BACK IN STOCK!!!88.99
Pacifico (Mexico) BACK IN STOCK!!!89.99
Palm** 20-Liter (Belgium)**currently NOT available**84.99
Pilsner Urquel** (Czech) BACK IN STOCK!!!114.99
Peroni (Italy) BACK IN STOCK!!!109.99

1/6 (Sixtels) Kegs

Amstel Light  & Heineken BACK IN STOCK!!!




Dos Equis Special Lager BACK IN STOCK!!!69.99
Stella Artois BACK IN STOCK!!!79.99


BRIAR'S Birch Beer 1/2 keg (Non-Alcoholic)

BRIAR'S Birch Beer 1/4 keg (Non-Alcoholic)



**Please call to confirm availability of these items.

You can contact us via the prompt below or by calling us at (732) 442-9536 during normal business hours if you have an inquiry about the availability of a beer you are interested in ordering. All special orders for weekends must be received no later than 4:00pm on the Thursday. THANK YOU!!!

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